Department of Chemical Engineering was established according to the decision of the Rector ofNong Lam University No. 945 / QD-TCHC, dated 07.07.2004.

Chemical Engineering educates engineers who have ability to design, develop and operate the chemical processes in the chemical plants, pharmaceutical - food and consumer goods.

The products and the processes must aim to secure and friendly environment. The common chemical process often is the chemical reactions, the processes of isolation and synthesis to create useful and high value products for life.

The Ministry of Education and Training together with the Leaders of Nong Lam University entrust Chemical Engineering Department with an important task totrain scientific and technical cadres with Undergraduate degree (150 students/year) and Postgraduate degree (15 students/year).

Currently, the Department has 1 associate professor, 3 PhD, 6 Masters (2 fellows), 5 engineers and 1 bachelor. (List of Lecturersof the Department).

The Department of Chemical Engineering is typical sector in scientific research. All lecturers of the Department are the author as well as co-author of many scientific articles (List of Scientific Articles). At the same time, the Department also chairs many scientific projects at University level, Ministry level and International level.

Regarding infrastructure, the Department owns 3 Laboratories (basic laboratory, analysis laboratory and technology laboratory) and they are equipped with modern equipment.

 Workshop ZEIN2014Z176 Project: "Algal biomass production for bioproducts through treatment of wastewater of rubber processing plants in Vietnam"

Date: 8 AM 17/6/2016

Place: Dong Nai Rubber Corporation 

 Professor Koenraad Geert Rik PUYLAERT and Professor BoudewijnMESSCHAERT work with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Vinh(Project Leader of ZEIN2014Z176) at the Department of Chemical Engineering –HCMCityNong Lam University from 26/11/2015 to 11/24/2015. On 26/11/2015, theyhave seminar about "Microalgae for BioProducts and Wastewater Treatment" for lecturers and students of the Department

Prof Peter Goethals (Laboratory for Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology, Ghent University) visit Department Chemical Engineering on April 1st and 2nd, 2015.

 Assoc. Prof. DrTruong Vinh - Head of Chemical EngineeringDepartment, the project leader goes to Belgium to discuss project progress from 16/11/2014 to 22/11/2014

Bachelor Truong Thao Vy goes to Belgium to train microalgae technology from 11/16/2014 to 14/12/2014

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