The Faculty of Food Science & Technology and the Department of Chemical Engineering & Processing were merged into the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology (on February 24, 2021). Website is updated here.

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Processing was founded at Nong Lam University on 7/7/2004. Till to 2020, it has 6 laboratories which are being operated by 18 lectures and scientific staffs. They are authors and co-author of 3 books, 3 book chapters and more than 60 scientific papers in 2010-2020.

The department offers both undergraduate (since 2004) and post-graduate program (since 2016) in the field of Chemical Engineering. The number of annual student is of 200. The training period for undergraduate program is 4 years and for post-graduate program is 1.5 years. The curriculum includes three main directions of study and research:

 (1) Chemical-Food Engineering and Pharmaceutical systems provide combined training in technology and engineering of cosmetic and pharmaceutical processes and equipment. Students will acquire the knowledge to design, plan and manage cosmetic and pharmaceutical systems with quality control and safety. The program includes laboratory and computer practical training in chemical engineering and pharmaceutical processes.

(2) Agro-Biochemical Engineering provides training in biochemical processes and technical applications in the agricultural and environmental fields. Students will acquire the knowdlege to manufacture agrochemical products, analyze pollution and chemical residues in the environment, soil, food and agricultural products and apply natural plant protection, biochemically environmentally friendly products and techniques for prevention of using harmful chemicals that affect human’s health and environment.

(3) Biomass Conversion and Refinery provides training in the design of processes, tools and equipment in biomass conversion in the biochemical and thermochemical form, emphasizing technology converting biomass into biofuels, biomaterials, biosensors, etc. and materials refining techniques for industrial applications. Besides, this educational program also focuses on purification technology and 3D printing.

 Department of Chemical Engineering is also the leading unit in international cooperation at NLU. It is the partner of many educational orgarnizations including University of Queensland (Australia), SYKE (Finland), ULB (Belgium), KU Leuven (Belgium) and UGent (Belgium) as well as many international funders including Ausaid (Australia, 2006-2010), WBI (Belgium, 2010-2012), EEP (Finland, 2011-2013), VLIR-UOS (Belgium, 2014-2016) and IFS (Sweden, 2019-2021). 


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 Workshop ZEIN2014Z176 Project: "Algal biomass production for bioproducts through treatment of wastewater of rubber processing plants in Vietnam"

Date: 8 AM 17/6/2016

Place: Dong Nai Rubber Corporation 

 Professor Koenraad Geert Rik PUYLAERT and Professor BoudewijnMESSCHAERT work with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Vinh(Project Leader of ZEIN2014Z176) at the Department of Chemical Engineering –HCMCityNong Lam University from 26/11/2015 to 11/24/2015. On 26/11/2015, theyhave seminar about "Microalgae for BioProducts and Wastewater Treatment" for lecturers and students of the Department

Prof Peter Goethals (Laboratory for Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology, Ghent University) visit Department Chemical Engineering on April 1st and 2nd, 2015.

 Assoc. Prof. DrTruong Vinh - Head of Chemical EngineeringDepartment, the project leader goes to Belgium to discuss project progress from 16/11/2014 to 22/11/2014

Bachelor Truong Thao Vy goes to Belgium to train microalgae technology from 11/16/2014 to 14/12/2014

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